Nuclear Medicine

Shielded syringe trolley


The FDG syringe trolley is shielded all sides, made of lead and stainless stell. It allows to transport the FDG syringe from the radiopharmacy to the injection rooms, including non-controlled areas.  



The FDG syringe trolley is shielded by 30 mm lead.


It has as benefits : 


  • a lid attached to the syringe holder for better ergonomics
  • 4 wheels for mobility, easily movable
  • a lowered center of gravity for greater maneuverability
  • a solid ideally positioned handle
53.B.1-shielded-syringe-rolley-radioprotection.png 53.B.2-chariot-FDG-radioprotection.png 53.B.3-carro-FDG-radioproteccion.png 53.B.4-shielded-syringe-trolley-radioprotection.png
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