Nuclear Medicine

Waste container HDPE


Our range of low, medium and high energy waste containers is designed to receive contamined solid waste from the preparation and injection of radiopharmaceuticals.


There are 3 capacities: 30, 60 and 80 liters.


Several levels of biological protection are available: 510 et 20 mm lead.


Our waste container hava an external structure and inner box in HDPE, a cover and a roller support made of stainless steel.  


It has as benefits:


  • a sliding opening to dispose of contaminated waste while minimizing user exposure
  • a full opening lid to facilitate the replacement of the trash bag
  • four wheels for mobility
81.B.6-shielded-waste-container-radioprotection.png 81.B.7-poubelle blindee-radioprotection.png 81.B.8-contenedor-blindado-radioproteccion.png 81.B.9-shielded-waste-container-radioprotection.png
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