Nuclear Medicine

Shielded vortex mixer


The shielded vortex mixer is used to mix the radioactive contents of 5 to 20 ml vials.

It provides radiation protection against Beta and Gamma rays.



Radiation protection is provided by 10 mm lead and 5 mm aluminum.


The agitation :


  • It is done inside a Polyacetal cylinder
  • The speed is adjustable 
  • It can be done continuously or by manual impulse


Benefit : 


A shielded steel cover of 10 mm lead and 5 mm of aluminum to complete the radiation protection towards the top of the vortex mixer.



36.B.1-shielded-vortex-mixer-radioprotection.png 36.B.2-agitator-blindado-radioproteccion.png 36.B.3-agitateur-blinde-radioprotection.png
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