Nuclear Medicine

Tc99 compact shielded isolator


Tc99 is a class A high energy shielded isolator designed for the preparation and measurement of low and medium energy radiotracers.



 In particular, it integrates : 

  • A compartment for the ionization chamber of the dose calibrator
  • A compartment for 2 generators
  • A compartment for 2 bins



But also : 


  • 2 glove ports 
  • LED worktop lighting and UV germicidal tube
  • Socket inside the shielded isolator 
  • Chamber of introduction/exit of the material 



 Shielded isolator : H 1925 mm x W 1175 mm x D 825 mm

11.B.2-enceinte-blindee-FDG-radioprotection.jpg 11.B.3-celda-blindada-FDG-radioproteccion.png 11.B.4-shielded-isolator-FDG-radioprotection.png
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