Nuclear Medicine

Syringe shield


Our full range of low, medium and high energy syringe shields provides effective protection of the hands of technicians during preparation, measurement and injection of radiopharmaceuticals.



  • Tungsten is of varying thickness
  • Lead glass with magnifying effect
  • Quick and effective release button
  • Shock absorbing system thanks to the rubber
  • Replaceable lead glass 



Low and medium energy syringe shield 


Thickness of tungsten : 2,25 mm

Thickness of lead glass : 7,25 mm



High energy syringe shield


Thickness of tungsten : 6 mm

Thickness of lead glass : 12 mm

31.B.1-syringe-shield-radioprotection.png 31.B.2-protege-seringe-radioproction.png 31.B.3-protector-jeringa-blindado-radioproteccion.png 31.B.4-syringe-shield-radioprotection.png 31.B.5-protector-jeringa-blindado-radioproteccion.png 31.B.9-syringe-shield-rack-radioprotection.png
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