Nuclear Medicine

Tabletop shield


This tabletop shield is for the manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals on benchtop, not requiring particular confimement: quality control, pet shops, pre-clinical tests ...

Several levels of biological protection exist : 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm lead.

- Option "mobile": Thanks to 4 wheels adapted to the benches, the tabletop shiel becomes mobile laterally without effort.

- Option "fulll vision": A lead glass porthole on 100% width for better visibility.

41.B.5-bouclier de paillasse-radioprotection.png 41.B.2-tabletop shield-radioprotection.png 41.B.31-bouclier de paillasse-radioprotection.png 41.B.8-tabletop-shield-radioprotection.png
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